The Reformed Church on the Sunshine Coast

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The greatest ministry of the church is the worship service. That’s where God has promised to primarily bless His people, both young and old. If you had to choose just one thing to attend, we hope that you’d choose that.

Prior to the worship service, we also have Sunday School. Feel free to join us at 10:00 am for coffee, snacks, and some good, helpful teaching. We are currently looking at personal finances from a Christian perspective.

And once every two weeks, the church meets to have supper together (usually pizza), study a book, and pray. Currently we are going through Mark Jones’ book, “Knowing Christ.” Contact Jed for info about when and where we’re meeting next.

You’ll notice that we don’t have any programs specifically for children or youth. And that’s because we believe that the best spiritual nurturing we can give them is not found in isolating them but rather takes place at the home with the family and at church by including them with the rest of God’s people.